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Who Cares About The Price Of Gas?

The Detroit Auto Show, which is going on right now, is full of cars purporting to solve the problem of the moment: the political, economic and environmental damage done by America’s dependence on oil. GM is showing off an electric Chevy; Ford has an adorable diesel hybrid that gets 65 miles per gallon, and Toyota […]


Our Secret Stash Of Oil

State of the Union address, President Bush proposed to spend $65 billion from the government’s general fund to double the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. For most Americans, the reserve, where 700 million barrels of oil have been stored since the late 1970s, is mostly an article of faith: Few know that it’s located […]


The Price Of Oil In Texas

In the history of accidents, the March 2005 explosion at BP’s Texas City, Tex., oil refinery might have been another Exxon Valdez — a catastrophe that changed the way we perceive and regulate the industry. But the BP disaster hasn’t captured the public’s imagination the way the 1989 Alaska oil spill did, even though the […]


The State of Our Energy Policy

In 2001 I said we needed to increase energy supplies, and in my State of the Union speech in 2002 I said we needed to increase energy production at home to make America less dependent on foreign oil. That was wrong. I’m sorry. The United States has only 3 percent of the world’s oil reserves, […]